Monday, December 29, 2008

3d Links Awakening Character updates 9, 10, 11, and 12

Sorry for the delay, I have actually had these models ready to post for a few days but I have been busy visiting with family and friends.

Our first character up is the Like-Like, an enemy that want's nothing more then to eat your shields, forcing you to buy new ones.

Next up is the Goponga Cheep-Cheep, found in the Goponga swamp and in caves. I am just guessing for the name here, since I cant find them in any enemy list, and they look different from other Cheep-Cheeps in the game, they act differently too.

Normal Cheep-Cheeps are only found in side scrolling underwater segments and swim back and forth, Goponga Cheep-Cheeps are found in overhead areas and swim under the water with their fins sticking out (sorta like sharks) and leap out of the water to attack you.

Next is the Goponga Flower, I don't know if they are named for the swamp or if its the other way around. These flowers are annoyingly hard to kill, if I remember correctly only Bow-Wow and the flame rod can kill them.

Finally we have the Giant Goponga Flower, they are four times the size of a normal Goponga Flower, and have the ability to spit fire balls, or poison, or something roundish at you, they are just as hard to kill as normal Goponga Flowers.

The aforementioned Family visiting cut into my time working on Helix a lot more then I would have liked, sadly I believe it will be a no-show for this year.

I also have a really Awesome-Update™ coming Soon™, I may even put up a forum on the day of the Awesome-Update™ so that you may discuss the Awesome-Update™ amongst your selves.

It will be Awesome™

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Epitaph said...

Awesome!!! looking sooo much forward when this project is finished!! one of the best zelda games :D