Saturday, February 28, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant Remake 4

Got another four done

Dear god I hate this set of four quadrants, way too many cliffs. If for some reason I have to remake this area again, it will be A LOT flatter.

Also, new logo thing at the top of the page

3d Links Awakening Quadrant Remake 3

Another four quads down...

...Six more to go.

Friday, February 27, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant Remake 2

Alright, the Tabahl Wasteland is complete again.

All completed areas remade, all texture illumination fixed, all tiles (graves, fence, etc) remade, and all texture information fixed, all I need to do now is remake the 10 completed quadrants from the Tal Tal Heights and then we can pretend this incident never happened, we spent this time down in Jamaca, and we will never refer to it again : P

3d Links Awakening Quadrant Remake 1

Spent a few hours fixing all the texture/material information, then I got the Cemetery remade

I can get the Wasteland remade pretty quick too, its the quadrants in the Tal Tal heights that are going to take time (cliffs, anger, etc)

As you can see, I also lost the full illumination on most of the textures, another thing I get to fix, yay

Thursday, February 26, 2009

see below

Okay, so, last night after rendering the latest quadrant (see last post) I went to save the overworld model, and Max froze while saving, which also locked up the rest of my computer. Yay.

Oh well, I say as I reboot my computer, I'll just play around with the Ridley model for a bit. And so I did.

Once I was done I decided to open up LA again to do more quadrant work

Oh, damn, the save file must have been corrupted when Max froze, good thing I've got autobackup turned on...

Oh... messing around with Ridley... overwrote... the LA backups...



So yeah, I have no working back ups of the Overworld that aren't nearly a month old. Thank you, Max, for not making separate autobacks for separate files.

I am at a loss as to what to do.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 124 &125

Double update time

Quadrant J3, Not much up here, just getting closer to the third dungeon

Quadrant J4, I wonder if the water will even be visible once the castle walls are up

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 123

Quadrant I3 is complete

The cliffs get much less annoying after this point, so updates should come a little faster.

Monday, February 23, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 122

Quadrant I4 is complete


Sunday, February 22, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 121

Quadrant H4 is complete

I swear to god, I am never doing another game with cliffs this annoying.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 120

Quadrant H3 is complete

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 119

Quadrant G4 is complete

I spent some time working on the swamp to get the cliffs to match up with the Tal Tal Heights, other then that, there isn't much to say about this quadrant.

Friday, February 20, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 118

Quadrant G3 is complete

Islands starting to get pretty tall...

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 117

Quadrant F3 is complete.

Cliffs 2: The return of the revenge of the son of the cliffs.

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 116

Quadrant F4 is complete

The start of the Tal Tal Heights, as well as the entrance to the Moblin Hideout.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

3d Links Awakening Major update 11

Ah yes, this should be the last of the minor major updates, it's all large areas from here folks

Quadrant G5, the last of the woefully uninteresting and ultimately unimportant Tabahl Wasteland

Seriously! Look at this place! When they said wasteland, they weren't kidding, there is absolutely NOTHING here, its just filler! GAH! Maybe I'll make a brand new dungeon and put its entrance here, just so the wasteland isn't a total waste(heh) of space.

What a big island we have for our selves now, I am going to have to start sacrificing the quality of the island renders soon, just so I can actually upload them.

Are you tired of these tiny areas yet? I am, so next up is the second largest are in the game, Tal Tal Heights! Just how big of an area is it you ask? You see the eastern edge of the swamp up there? Basicly from there to the far eastern edge of the island, past the edge of the bay. Its big.

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 115

Quadrant H5 is complete

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 114

Quadrant H6 is complete

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 113

Quadrant G6 is complete

Actually this was completed hours ago, but then I got roped into providing tech support for a friend of a friend and forgot to post this, so yeah.

Quadrant G6, start of the Tabahl Wastelands, another place that actually resembles its name, awesome.

3d Links Awakening Major update 10

Yes another minor major update

Quadrant G7 connects the Cemetery to the Koholint (un)Prairie, also it has graves!

You might notice a slight change between the last update and this one, i.e. there are no longer any flowers in front of the graves, I figured have dirt, rocks, and tall grass made the Cemetery seem more abandoned and unkept.

And the Island shot, now rendered with a new field of view, which keeps the back end of the island from appearing smaller then the front, yay!

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 112

Quadrant H7 is complete

Already almost done with the Graveyard, after that its another small area followed by the second largest area in the game. Yay!

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 111

Quadrant H8 is complete

You don't see any gravestones here because they are "interactive scenery" meaning they do more then just sit there, so they aren't part of the over world model.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 110

Quadrant G8 is complete.

This is the start of the Cemetery, yeah, no fancy name, just "Cemetery".

Next video in the level construction series will be recorded/uploaded next time I actually go in and add scenery.

3d Links Awakening Major update 9

Yes, another Major update, this one twice as major as the last two! Yay!

Quadrant E5, I forgot to render it until after I attached it to the rest of the prairie, oh well, lots of pot holes surrounding the location of a piece of heart.

The entirety of the Koholint Prairie, which is covered in trees and 1/4th of it is a big ditch. Who names these places?!

Something else you should know: Quadrant E5 makes for our 128th completed quadrant! Whats that you say? Why should we care that you hit 128 quadrants? Simple! There are exactly 256 quadrants on the overworld, and what is half of 256? 128! Yes, as of this update Koholint Island is exactly 50% complete! You should totally start making bets as to how many more weeks/months it will take to finish it, or something.

Ah, isn't half an island just beautiful?

Part 2 of the level creation series:

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 109

Quadrant F5 is complete.

Below you will find a time lapse video showing the creation of the quadrant, I plan to have atleast two more videos of level creation.

I didn't realize I had used the wrong water texture for the pond until after I made the above render and was editing the video, I fixed the texture, but didn't bother to re-render or record the video, I'm lazy :P

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 108

Quadrant F6 is complete.

Not much here, oh well, next quadrant update will have a special surprise

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 107

Quadrant E6 is complete.

The only feature here is a pond of no particular importance. I wonder if it will be given a bigger purpose in the 3d version...

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 106

Quadrant E7 is complete.

Going to tweak the gravestone texture to make it less of a blob

Monday, February 16, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 105

Quadrant F7 is complete.

Yes, I know that that isn't the right type of tree for the Witch's Hut, but I like the sea shell tree better, besides, I couldn't get the double skeleton tree +door to look good.

I may go back and actually model the cow skull instead of having it be a 2d texture.

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 104

Quadrant F8 is complete.

Can't really think of anything witty to say... oh well

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 103

Quadrant E8 is complete

Free Image Hosting at

And so begins the Koholint Prairie, which, despite being named after the island, is much smaller then the Ukuku Prairie, and rather un-prairie like.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

3d Links Awakening Character update 13b

So yeah, Link version 4 sucked, so instead I went back and fixed the thing about Link version 3 that I hated the most; his hair.

Image Hosted by

Now instead of Afro-Link, we have Link-Who's-Hair-Actually-Looks-Like-The-Nintendo-Version, or Link version 3.5 for short.

The only major change I see my self doing to him right now is scaling him down a bit if he appears too big in game, which we should find out soon since me and Ryan are tinkering with a workaround to the bone probelm.

3d Links Awakening Major update 8

Yep, another (minor)major update, I think this is a record or something.

Quadrant E13, the entrance to the Signpost maze. Awesome yay.

Overhead shot of the maze, along with some other areas just for kicks, as always, click to enlarge.

Aaaand the overhead shot of the entire island, looks much nicer now that that huge hole in the center has been filled with the two mazes.

Ganna take a break, updates will resume tonight/tomorrow morning.

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 102

Quadrant E14 complete

I believe I got the entrance to end of the maze in the right location, let me know if I'm wrong

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 101

Quadrant F14 is complete

What I really like about this is, in the gameboy game, you can only see what is in the quadrant you are currently in, so your sense of where different areas are is based what quadrants can you enter from the quadrant you are currently in. In the 3d game you aren't limited to seeing just one quadrant, and thus you can see places that you can't actually reach from where you are, like from this location in the Sign Post maze you can see that it actually overlooks the beach, it really gives you a much better sense of the layout of the island.

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 100

Our 100th quadrant update. Not our 100th quadrant mind you, we hit that a while ago, blame my stupidity for not including quadrants in Major Updates when coming up with normal update numbers :P

Ah, our first view of the Sign post maze, the only maze I know of where the reward for winning is having to pay 300 rupees.

3d Links Awakening Major update 7

ANOTHER Major update? Less then 24 hours since the last one?!? Eh, sorta.
This area (and the next few) really arn't that big, so the next few Major updates are really sorta minor.


Quadrant G13, this is the quadrant where you will find the Slime Key, which opens the path to the third dungeon (located in the Ukuku Prairie)

Since this area was so small, I included the surrounding areas in the render.
Do you prefer the area renders like this? Or with just the relevant area? Top down or angled?

And the overhead shot of the Island. Again, do you prefer top down or angled for the Island shot?

I will be finishing up the island in the following order:

sign post maze 4 quadrants
koholint prairie 8 quadrants
cemetary 4 quadrants
tabahl wasteland 4 quadrants
tal tal heights 22 quadrants
kanalet castle 16 quadrants
animal village 8 quadrants
yarna desert 8 quadrants
face shrines 16 quadrants
rapids ride 16 quadrants
eastern Mountains 18 quadrants
western Mountains 12 quadrants
mt tamaranch 2 quadrants

After that I will start working on the dungeons in order, along with interiors from the overworld thrown in at random intervals.