Saturday, January 31, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 76

Quadrant L12 is complete

The posts on the forums so far have been very helpful, I honestly wasn't expecting the game to run so well on low and mid end PC's, Ryan has done a Hell of a job programming this.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

3d Links Awesome™ Update Number Awesome™

Hello dear readers, I am pleased to bring you this Awesome™ post!

Lets start things off with Quadrant L10

Wow, not much Awesome™ here... LETS MOVE ON!

The main bulk of Awesome™ is due to the fact that at the bottom of this post is a link to download a PLAYABLE beta/proof of concept of THIS GAME called "zChicken Hunter EXTREME!"

It isn't much, you run around killing chickens in Mabe Village, but it IS fun! And it serves a useful purpose, which will be explained in a little bit.

Next up, the Forums are now open! Check them out at
Feel free to post/brag your high scores in the LA/Chicken Hunter section, also please post your game play experience in the provided thread as it helps us figure out any problems with performance that can be fixed via code or modeling so PLEASE POST YOUR GAME EXPERIENCE IN THE PROVIDED THREAD! IT WILL HELP MAKE THE FINAL GAME RUN SMOOTH AS SILK FOR EVERYONE!

Next up is the README included in the download, PLEASE READ IT, it lists the controls and gives more detailed instructions for posting your GAME PLAY EXPERIENCE.
(Have I made clear how important posting that is yet?)

:::::README START:::::



Hello and thank you for downloading

zChicken Hunter Extreme! The Proof

of Concept/beta of the Link's Awakening 3D Project!

Just some notes before you get started:






Getting started:

1. Unzip/Unrar

2. Double click on run.bat

3. Enjoy!



On the main menu:

W: Move selection UP

S: Move selection DOWN

ENTER: Select highlighted option

In Game:

W: Move UP

S: Move DOWN

A: Move LEFT



You may need to click on the window in order for controls to work.


Purpose of this Release:

1. Show the the game is indeed being made

2. Gather vital performance data


How you can help:

Give us a report of your experience with the game! Here is how:

1. Play the game

2. Goto

3. Sign up (it's free!)

4. Goto the LA/Chicken Hunter Forum

5. Enter the "Chicken Hunter Playtest" discussion

6. Make a post giving us the following information:

a. Graphics card (name, maker, RAM, etc)

b. RAM

c. CPU speed

d. Operating System

e. Frame rate (You don't need to be exact, we just want to know if it is running smooth or choppy or not at all)

The most important info we need is a, b, and e, the other info helps too!


Known Bugs:

-No Background Music

-on second play through i started in the trees to the right of the normal starting point, third play through worked fine. (Not sure of repro rate)

-chickens still escaping/getting into areas the player cant

-some choppy collision around cliffs and other areas


General info:

Modeling by: Jordan (aka MithosKuu)

Programming by: Ryan

Contact information:

Jordan: (put LA somewhere in the subject line)

:::::::README END::::::::

Did you read it all? GOOD! If not, BAD! GO READ IT!

Anyway, this is what you've been waiting for this entire post, isn't it? well HERE IT IS!



Have fun guys, stay Awesome™!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 75

Quadrant L11 is complete

Not much here other then our first glimpse of the river that feeds into Martha's Bay

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 74

Quadrant K11 is complete

This quadrant is located directly beneath the Shell Shrine, other then that, not much to talk about.

I believe I may have a solution for the "Martha's bay is 8 units below the Prairie and 80 units above the beach" problem, but we will see more on that when I get to work on the bay.

For those wondering, the village is at an elevation of 0 units, the Prairie is (mostly) at an elevation of -16 units, sea level is at an elevation of -144, and the part of the beach that connects to the bay is at an elevation of -104 units. 8 units is about half the height of a cliff face, or as high as the half cliff in the above picture.

The reason why sea level is at a negative number instead of 0 is because I started modeling the village first, and my programmer has told me to stop moving models around as it messes with his work, so I can't elevate everything to make the sea level be at elevation 0

Monday, January 26, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 73

Quadrant J11 is complete

Just trees and holes, we are almost to Martha's Bay

Sunday, January 25, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 72

Quadrant J10 is complete

Again, not much here, but that won't last long, most of the remaining quadrants in this area are full of cliffs.

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 71

Quadrant F12 is complete

The entrance to Level 3, the Key Cavern, the actual entrance isn't as showy as the gameboy version, but it's 1:43am and I didn't want to mess around with the cliffs any more then I had to. (I will probably go back and fix it up later)

For those that don't know, I live in Washington and will most likely be attending Sakura-Con this year, I don't know how many people other then my 13 watchers actually read/follow this blog, so I don't know how many of you live in Washington or plan on attending, but if any of you do, feel free to hit me up if you see me (I will post a picture of what I will be wearing for most of the time when Con gets closer) I always love to hear from readers, I may not reply often, but I do love seeing that I have new comments.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant Update 70

Quadrant I10 is complete

No cliffs at all, easy to make but nothing interesting to talk about, darn.

I'm tired and lazy

So yeah, quadrant is complete, just too tired to render and post it, I'll put it up in the morning

Thursday, January 22, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 69 (Giggity Giggity edition)

Quadrant I11 is complete

Not much here, another relatively empty quadrant.

Because it was requested, here are 3 shots of the inter island as is, unless blogger messed with them, they should be 4000x3000 in size, have fun

Really hard fitting the entire island in frame...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 68

Quadrant H12 is complete

It's funny, when you play the original game, you notice what all of these cliffs would mean for the island elevation-wise, I honestly don't know if Martha's Bay is supposed to be at sea-level, or if it empties into the sea via waterfalls...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 67

Quadrant H11 is complete

Man I love areas with nothing interesting to talk about, this quadrant has trees and water, oh and a cliff down in the corner. Enlightening.

Monday, January 19, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 66

Quadrant G12 complete

Nothing to do here but continue on to the Key Cavern

Sunday, January 18, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 65

Quadrant G11 is complete

Not much here but a bush (which would be located on that island) that contains a seashell.

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 62, 63, & 64 I'm not dead edition

Bah, been busy the last few week(s!) totally forgot to post these, regular updates should resume tomorrow/today/Sunday/when ever I wake up :P

Quadrant H9, here you find the honey comb (well, not yet) an item in the trading sequence that eventually leads to the boomerang

Quadrant H10, location of a giant stone pig head (again, not yet) and serves as a shortcut to the castle

Quadrant E12, this area serves as the entrance to the Sign Post Maze.

Thats all for now, I'm going to bed, more work/updates once I wake up

Thursday, January 8, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 60 & 61

Morning Double Post Time Go!

Quadrant G9, much like G10, lots of holes for Pincer beasts to pop out of

Quadrant E11, this is the entrance to the sign post maze. It looks messy, but there is a reason for that.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 59

Last update of the day, quadrant E11 is complete

Once again, cliffs make me mess around with elevation. One day I will destroy the cliffs. One day.

In a few weeks I will split the blog up into three separate ones:
mithosk-games_la will be for the Zelda updates
mithosk-games_helix will be for Metroid updates
mithosk-games_dl will be for projects using original characters (Won't be many/any updates till LA and/or Helix are close to completion)

This split will effect the URL for this blog, changing it to and the current URL will no longer work, I will give notice when I'm a few days from the split so you will know when to start using the new URL's.

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 57 & 58

Another double update this morning

First up is Quadrant G10, this area is filled with pits that pincer worms tend to live in

And Quadrant F11, this area is right above the entrance to the third level

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 56

Quadrant F9 is complete

Man, I'm just cranking these out lately, great start for the new year

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 55

Quadrant E9 is complete

Once more with feeling. I. HATE. CLIFFS! not so bad this time around, needed to lower the elevation of quadrants E10 and F10 a bit, what I am really dreading is getting Martha's Bay to line up with both the prairie and the beach, since they are at radically different elevations.

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 54

Quadrant F10 is complete

Not much here other then the first teleporter you find in your quest, which makes moving about the (rather large) island much less of a hassle.

(as a side note, apparently teleporter isn't a word according to blogger's spellchecker)

Monday, January 5, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 53

Quadrant E10 is complete

This quadrant is located just East of the Mabe village shop and acts as the border between the village and the prairie.

Should I start doing Helix related updates as well? Or should I just continue to work in the dark, throwing out occasional teasers until I have a bit more to show?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Normal LA updates will resume tomorrow, spent most of the week working on Helix models

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Technically it didn't make it last year...

::edit:: new version of the teaser, this one with the correct lighting