Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good news everybody! [[April Fools]]

I wasn't supposed to tell you this, but I'm too excited! Last week, Nintendo Co. LTD. (Nintendo of Japan) contacted me with an offer to develop LA3D as a launch title for the newly announced Nintendo 3DS, which, of course, I accepted. So what does this mean? Unfortunetly, it means I won't be allowed to post in progress shots of everything as it is made, and LA3D will not be released on the PC or Mac, but it will be released along with the 3DS and it will be taking full advantage of the systems 3D capabilities!

I would say more, but I'm under a pretty strict NDA, so I have to keep my mouth shut until E3, see you there!

April Fools!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

3d Link's Awakening Dungeon Update 280-284

Level 8 - Turtle Rock quadrant B5 is complete

Level 8 - Turtle Rock quadrant B7 is complete

Level 8 - Turtle Rock quadrant A7 is complete

Level 8 - Turtle Rock quadrant A6 is complete

Level 8 - Turtle Rock quadrant A8 is complete

Sunday, March 21, 2010

No update today

Busy working on the engine, trying to figure out how to implement the overworld.
I'm thinking instead of having the entire island loaded as one big area, I'll separate it into chunks based off of the in game areas (village, forest, beach, etc) would mean smaller load times and it would increase performance on older computers, thoughts?

Also, once I get the basic mechanics implemented, I will probably put up a public alpha for feedback on the movement, physics, controls, etc. (this will not be the beta that I have planned for later, which will basically be the actual game up til the first dungeon) The public alpha (and all subsequent releases) will be PC and Mac compatible, and will come in both downloadable and web based forms.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eagle's Tower Contest final talley

Before we being, I have to say, I am disappointed in some of you. I approve every comment before it will appear on the site, and for the most part the only comments I reject are spam comments made to 3 month old posts, but during this contest I rejected multiple comments talking about how bad entry 2 was and some telling the creator to "go kill himself". This is not cool guys.

Constructive criticism is always welcome, but this is a project blog for a remake of an E rated game, hateful comments and out right attacks against people will not be appreciated. The fact that you will be able to easily change any texture in the game on release just makes this all the more pathetic. If you don't like something say it without being a dick or don't say it at all.

In light of this and other reasons, there won't be any more polls/contests for a while.

With that out of the way, here are our final numbers for the contest:

Entry 1: 28 votes
Entry 2: 121 votes
Entry 3: 124 votes
Entry 4: 10 votes
Entry 5: 30 votes

Which makes Entry 3 by Paolo our winner! Congratulations Paolo!

For those wondering, here are the reasons why I chose each finalist:

1. Interesting design, even if it is lacking in some detail, supprisingly, the only submission I got with an Eagle in the center.

2. While all other submissions where in shades of green and mostly contained references to the Wind Fish, this one took a completely separate route, and actually got me thinking about having some form of thunder storm going on during the battle. Although I would probably make the raindrops swirling towards the center instead of straight up and down (and maybe a new cloud) this submission was chosen for its originality, and not as a joke as some have assumed.

3. A really great, if traditional, submission. It fits in with the rest of the tower really well and has a great central design.

4. Another design that doesn't follow the Wind Fish/Eagle style that most went with. Rather simple, but I like it, might work better on a light house or in some form of sun temple...

5. My personal favorite, a really great design and an awesome take on the Wind Fish, only real problem is the outer bricks don't blend well with the rest of the tower, but I would love to use this Wind Fish design elsewhere, maybe in the egg...

Nils, Roland, Mr. Burgundy, and Katie, with your permission, I would like to find other places in the game where your textures would fit.

3d Link's Awakening Dungeon Update 275-279

Level 8 - Turtle Rock quadrant D8 is complete

Level 8 - Turtle Rock quadrant D7 is complete

Level 8 - Turtle Rock quadrant C7 is complete

Level 8 - Turtle Rock quadrant C6 is complete

Level 8 - Turtle Rock quadrant B6 is complete

Man, Turtle Rock is HUGE, we're gonna be here for a bit.

Oh, and you have 1 hour and 45 minutes left to vote

Monday, March 8, 2010


Due to concerns over spamming, the poll has been reset and moved to here. Poll end date is 3/14/10 at 8:00 pst

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eagle's Tower Contest Finalists

Alright, thank you to everyone who participated in this contest! I have selected my five favorite submissions, and now its time for you, the readers, to vote on which will be used in the final version of LA3D!
I know which one I would like to use, but I would rather base the decision on the views of the players, not just one person.
So here you go, listed in no particular order, find the Entry you like best and vote in the poll to the right!

Entry 1 by Nils:

Entry 2 by Roland:

Entry 3 by Paolo:

Entry 4 by Mr. Burgundy:

Entry 5 by Katie:

Again, thank you every one who submitted an entry, you all put a lot of work into you're textures.

3d Link's Awakening Interior Update 103-104

Cave D1-D2 quadrant A1 is complete.

Cave D1-D2 quadrant A2 is complete.

And that's the last of the caves, next up is Level 8 - Turtle Rock

Contest winners will be announced shortly