Sunday, February 28, 2010

Contest time!

Alright, let's have a little fun! I'm not exactly super happy with the texture I'm using for the top of the Eagle's Tower (where you fight the boss), so I'm going to hold a little contest!
At the bottom of the post you will find the texture I am currently using for the top of the tower, along with a blank template showing the outlines of the tower. All you have to do is take that template and make a new texture.
-All textures must be 128x128 pixels in size
-Supported formats are .bmp .gif .jpg and .png
-No profanity or "NSFW" imagery

Once you have made your texture, either email it to me at with the words "LA3D Contest" somewhere in the subject line OR upload it to imageshack then post it in the comments!

You have until Noon PST on Sunday the Seventh to submit your texture, after that I will select the five best textures and make a poll for you to vote on the winner!

-1st place texture gets used in LA3D
-2nd-5th place winners get to feel good about being in the top 5!

Good luck and have fun!

Current texture



Lennart said...

i wished that i had any idea for a texture, but i dont have any. I really like your competition, but it is not for me.

Samuel Miller said...

This was a pretty cool contest. I think it would be awesome if there were more contests and more chances for people to submit their content to this fantastic-looking game! Although, anything you come up with yourself Mithos is awesome, so there's absolutely no need if you don't think this'd be a good idea, heh.