Sunday, October 5, 2008

3d Links Awakening Major Update 2

As of 6:18 am Sunday October 5th Toronbo Shores is complete! Which means in just over a month two of the nineteen major areas have been completed!

Quadrant E15, only major interest here is that this area contains a monkey that throws coconuts and bombs at you.

Quadrant E16, a seemingly empty cave awaits you here, what secrets does it hold?

Quadrant F15, this area serves as an entrance to Martha's Bay

Quadrant F16, this secluded part of the beach is Marin's favorite place to visit

The whole of Koholint Island as far, we will be heading North into the Mysterious Woods next!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! This is looking spectacular. It's amazing to see it modelled in 3D. I never pictured it like that. Maybe you should consider getting some help with the project? At this rate it'll be way too long until I can play it :P

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing! Will follow this project.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done. This would be the best project ever made if it comes to fruition.

I guess the "fun" part will be the dungeons...

Alyx said...

Congratulations! This is awesome :]