Sunday, October 19, 2008


Turns out my hard drive has un-repairable read issues, meaning I've got to replace it.
Happy Yay!

I am currently in the process of copying all important files (Yes, that includes all models and textures related to this project) to one of my external drives.

If all goes well I should be able to resume work by tonight!

New Hard Drive installed, Internet hooked up, just need to reinstall Max and Photoshop


J_Hibiki said...

Wow When I started to read that I was thinking it would be a REAL professor Good news and it would be like "Good News Everyone, today I found out my hard drive is toast, it died a painful drawn out death, and we'll be visiting the brain slug plant to make you all forget about it."
'but this is much better news.

Tankooni said...

that stinks about ure HD

Luperslice said...

God thats like my external. Found out that data retrieval for it would cost more than the drive itself and I don't get free data retrieval with my warranty because Simple Tech's Signature Mini is stupid. Why does my life hate me?

N45800 said...

It may be a bit late, but what kind of damage? I do computer repair work on the side, and there is an amazing program called SpinRite (I'm not related to them in any way, just a very happy customer), that can fix many drives that others have deemed 'irreparable'. I'd say see if you can get a copy and run it on your drive, you may be surprised.