Monday, January 5, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 53

Quadrant E10 is complete

This quadrant is located just East of the Mabe village shop and acts as the border between the village and the prairie.

Should I start doing Helix related updates as well? Or should I just continue to work in the dark, throwing out occasional teasers until I have a bit more to show?


Luperslice said...

Keep us in the dark! Its so much more fun that way!

PriestBilly said...

Maybe have a secondary blog for it? Or if you can group them differently alternate updates.

J_Hibiki said...

I have to agree with PriestBilly about having a second blog or just grouping them differently here. I do love me some metroid after all, and's fun to follow your progress for LA so I'm guessing it'll be just as fun to follow Metroid too.