Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 74

Quadrant K11 is complete

This quadrant is located directly beneath the Shell Shrine, other then that, not much to talk about.

I believe I may have a solution for the "Martha's bay is 8 units below the Prairie and 80 units above the beach" problem, but we will see more on that when I get to work on the bay.

For those wondering, the village is at an elevation of 0 units, the Prairie is (mostly) at an elevation of -16 units, sea level is at an elevation of -144, and the part of the beach that connects to the bay is at an elevation of -104 units. 8 units is about half the height of a cliff face, or as high as the half cliff in the above picture.

The reason why sea level is at a negative number instead of 0 is because I started modeling the village first, and my programmer has told me to stop moving models around as it messes with his work, so I can't elevate everything to make the sea level be at elevation 0

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