Thursday, May 7, 2009

3d Links Awakening Major update 23

Alright, the Bottle Grotto (sans Side Scrolling areas) is complete!

Level 2 - Bottle Grotto quadrant F4 is complete.

Level 2 - Bottle Grotto quadrant F3 is complete.

Level 2 - Bottle Grotto quadrant E3 is complete.

Top down view of the grotto, click image for full size.

Perspective view of the grotto, click image for full size.

Time for more info on the game play feature I mentioned last update!

My plan is to have two game modes: (You chose which mode to use when starting a new game)
DX mode (the default mode)
Classic mode

What is Classic mode? If I am unable to get everything else implemented, then Classic mode turns all the graphics grayscale, imitating the look of the original game boy game. But thats not all I want in Classic mode, some of the other changes I want are:

- Sprites, DX mode will use 3d models for everything, while Classic mode uses Sprites for everything.

- Color Dungeon, the Color Dungeon will only be available in DX mode.

- Music, Classic mode will use the original music, while DX mode will used remixed music (maybe, might just let you switch between the two via options menu)

- Glitches, Classic mode will include more glitches then DX mode, like the screen warp glitch and the glitch dungeon.


Epitaph said...

fantastic idea with classic mode and DX mode! :)

Eddie Jay said...

Oh, that makes a lot of sense, that's a cool idea...
I love that you are having a mode that has MORE glitches =D
Good old screen warp glitch. Totally buggered my save game though. Still wanna see Genie though =)Good job on Bottle Grotto

bebbodvx said...

Good idea, but i'd like to be able to choose between 3d models and sprites aside from the black and white color scheme. By the way, congratulations for completing another dungeon

Shoesy said...

The best idea forever! i love it.

at the moment i play zelda dx and i´m at the beginning of level 4. That game rocks und 3D will rock, too.

Ben said...

Links Awakening is one of my favorite games ever. To see something like this really brightens my day. The DX and Classic mode sounds excellentifyou have the chance to implement even most of it.

Elemento said...

Didn't you once say the screenwarp would be hard to implement in a 3D environment like this?