Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stand by

Going to take care of a few things around the house, once I'm done I'm going to try to complete the entire fifth dungeon today as a thanks for your patience, I don't like not updating for an entire week, and its not fair to you guys.


mousemuffins said...

I've been watching this blog for a very long time now. Z:LA (DX) was just about my favorite GBC game, and my first real experience with RPGs (aside from Pokémon, which is kind of in its own genre). I'd just like to say, you've done more work on this project than I've seen many people do at their paying jobs, and, well, don't kick yourself if you don't update constantly. There's at least one Z:LA fan (got to include my friends!) out there that really appreciates your work, even if it is delayed.
So yeah, don't kick yourself. ^.^
Moog -

- Mouse

P.S. Do you feed squirrels and such all the time? Those were very sweet pics! I wish I knew more about rodents.

MithosKuu said...

@Mouse: Thank you, it's always great to see feed back. The main reason I kick my self is because I don't want to get into the habit of not updating, I don't want to get into the kind of situation VGCats and Planet Zebeth got into.

P.S. I didn't train him, my Grandfather did, the squirrel comes on to the deck and stands in front of the screen door waiting for him to bring him some peanuts. He got the little guy pretty confident to say the least.

mousemuffins said...

Wow, quick reply!
So you used to be a VGCats fan as well? You're doing a good job avoiding that slothyness (need some coffee :P); I've gotten into other webcomics since last year, because as much as I loved VGCats the novelty really has worn off, since he doesn't update. But that's kind of an old subject.
Your grandfather must've been pretty sharp to train a squirrel; most people don't think of friendship when they see squirrels. Do you have any chipmunk-friends? We have a lot of chipmunks around here, they're adorable.
But yes, you do have a point about updates. I've been trying for the last three months to start up a webcomic on my blog and just haven't made enough to start really posting yet. I know quite a bit about procrastinating; it's hard to kick.
Anyway, thanks for the quick reply and such a spiffy blog, and I hope your day goes well (or at least interestingly =D).
Moog ~

~ Mouse