Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You should totally check this out.

After a year long hiatus, Metroid Online has just released a new map for Halo Custom Edition!

Maridia is a cave-like area from Super Metroid. It consisted of both wet and dry areas, but this version consists solely of the wet area. Fish swim around its dark and foggy halls, and Space Pirate tech is littered all over the place. Maridia is a very dark place, so you are encouraged to use your flashlight!
This is the first of our maps to have reached what we consider a playable state, and so we have decided to release a public beta so we can get input on what would make both the map and the mod content more enjoyable. We are looking to get reports on bugs/glitches, oddities, and anything else that you think we need to take care of before a final release. Ideally, by the end of this we will have a balanced tagset that can be applied to any map without much adjustment.
- Suit Up, Dive In, and Fight to the Death! -
The Mod consists of the following:
·Samus Aran biped with custom animations and textures
·4 beams from the original games: Power, Plasma, Wave and Spazer
·2 new beams: Havoc Beam and Force Beam
·Melee: Samus uses a beam sword... thingy. It's a concentrated beam of light from her beam cannon. Works on every weapon.
·Super Missile Power-up: You automatically pick it up when you run over it, and it will allow you to shoot two higher-power shots. Expires and is no longer usable after it is empty. This weapon counts as a third weapon, so you don't have to worry about it swapping out for one of your other two.
·Weapon Swap System: You start with the Power Beam, you can pick up and swap out from there. Don't want the Power Beam? No problemo! Swap it out with one of the five other Beams available. Your old Beams do not show up on the ground when swapped, or when you are killed.
·A fully-3d HUD that moves as you move, with swapping icons for each of the beams and a working missile counter
·Custom first-person animations for the beam cannon, including firing missiles, charging, and firing
·A Metroid hatchling as the oddball and flag that moves inside its’ containment pod, with custom idle animation
·Stunning beam FX and a unique gameplay experience with 6 different balanced beams to choose from
·Be rewarded with a healthpack as you kill your enemies or snag one from a downed ally, which adds a new element to the gameplay experience
Requires Halo PC and Custom Edition to play

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