Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PC update

Okay, I heard back from the shop about my PC today. Turns out my power supply isn't powerful enough to run my PC and the huge graphics card I installed a little over a year ago, meaning its been struggling this whole time to keep my computer running and has decided to give up. I will be back up and running as soon as my new power supply arrives.


Power supply should arrive on Monday.


Anonymous said...

which graphics card, a GTX 295 or something.... It surprised me that your power supply did not detonate immediatly then

MithosKuu said...

NVidia GeForce 8800, my old power supply was 300 watts, need atleast 400 watts, so I ordered an 850 watt power supply

Rockman said...

300W? Ouch.
850W? WTF?

MithosKuu said...

Yup, 850 watts, figured I'd give my self some extra padding for my externals