Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I return! Sorry about the week of downtime, that's what I get for having parts in my computer that require more power then the computer can give them. Anyway, here are three quadrants I got done before my computer completely died, I'll have more tomorrow.

Level 6 - Face Shrine quadrant D7

The entrance to the (Northern) Face Shrine, I think this is one of my favorite levels in the game.

Level 6 - Face Shrine quadrant C7

I can't remember, but I think this is the fist place you see Wizrobes in the game.

Level 6 - Face Shrine quadrant C6

It's a long hall with a treasure chest in it, not much to say about this room.


xnamkcor said...

Congrats on the new PSU.

Anonymous said...

some interesting news:

bebbodvx said...

welcome back