Sunday, January 31, 2010

3d Link's Awakening Interior Update 103-107

Eastern Tal Tal Mountain Range Fairy Fountain

East cave system 5 floor 1 quadrant a2

East cave system 5 floor 1 quadrant a1

East cave system 5 floor 2 quadrant a1

East cave system 5 floor 2 quadrant b1

Up next is the Eagle's Tower


Jan said...

its not exactly a comment to this blog entry
more like a general one
heres a zelda fan form germany
i just wanted to say i love what youre doing
i love what this game is going to look like ,i love the shown character models especially the moblin ones
and i really love the teaser for the music your friend is doing
oh and i love links awakening
it was my first zelda i got it when i was ten after some lengthy sessions at the doctors with unpleasent treatments and tests since i was in a bad condition back then (which i am not today sorry for talking this much ^^)

im going to love your remake when its done
and i need to tell you keep going with this fucking good job
you rock
greetings jtk

Shoesy said...

YES YES YES!!! Waiting so long for Eagle Tower. Now i´m very happy.

MasterPhW said...

Hey there!
Great project and a Zelda addict! :D
Ever considered to check out/help/advertise another great Zelda project? Hope to see you at glZeldas HQ ( aswell!
Regards the Master