Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stressed to Hell

Due to a variety of factors, including a borked social life, I'm going to be dropping off the internet for a bit. How long? No idea. What does this mean for LA3D? I might work on it here and there, but for the most part you may as well call it "on hold".

I am going to be honest, working on this thing all by my self for almost two years has left me drained, Dan is busy with college and doesn't have time to spend on a fan game, same with everyone who has attempted to program for me, more important things come up, and I honestly can't afford to hire some programmers full time to get this thing done. Do I want to quit? No, but at this point I think I would rather focus on things I can actually finish, Link's Awakening was a huge, complex game that had a full dev team working on it, not just one guy.

Again, lack of programmer support isn't the main reason why I'm going away for a bit, blame the BS that is my social life for that. For now, I'll probably finish up the eighth dungeon and maybe the egg, then release a pack of all the models I've completed, maybe someone who knows programming will be able to make use of it.

tl;dr: I'm stressed as Hell, putting LA3D on hold once I finish the last dungeon, will release a model pack, then I'm dropping off the internet for a bit.


Vicky said...

Hey, even working with a team takes a while, you've done a great job with things on your own like that, so just take things at your own pace, bro :V
A really important motivator is INTEREST in the project itself, so taking a break from it (for the sake of your IRL/stress too), is a good idea, so as you don't get burned out on it or feel forced to push yourself too hard.

Good luck with your life, dude, looking forward to hopefully hearing from this blog again sometime in the future :V

Joel said...

Welcome to the Zelda fan game graveyard, Links Awakening 3D. You showed promise, but so did the countless others that died.


Isak said...

Sorry to hear that man.
I hope that you'll return to LA3D someday, but if not then I can tell you I've had a great time following your work!

Kevin said...

Disappointing news, but not at all surprising. It really is a huge project, much more than 1 - 3 people can do. I just hope somebody can build an engine that lets us view the world you created. I wouldn't need to be able to complete the levels. I would happy just to wander the land of koholit in 3D.

Anonymous said...

Life is more important than fan games.

Anonymous said...

What type are your models of and how do you can use them in Java?

Sergi said...

I always thought remaking the game was unreasonable, because even if a group of people got together and tried to do it, it still would be really difficult for it to be close enough to the original game.

On the other hand, I just love your work on the models. I love the fact that if you view them from the top, they look exactly like the originals. That's what's cool about this project.

Trying to remake the game itself is unreasonable IMO. But the model work done so far is awesome.

Plus, I know you've given your reasons for not trying to do the Ages and Seasons games, but if you approached those two games like just model remakes, not game remakes, I think you could enjoy doing them too, despite the limitations you could find.

Anonymous said...

Can you say when you rebigin to dev the game?

Windwarrior said...

I am really sad to hear this, but most of all, i want you to know that you did a great job! I am really looking forward to mess a little with the models you made, adapt them to my needs, and by any way, in the near future, incorporate them into a game engine!

I do not think that you could do more than this. And remember, first things first!

Windwarrior - a follower since one of the first posts.

DOS4dinner said...

Not sure if it matters, but I've been watching this blog for months, appreciating the hard work you've been putting into this. You deserve a standing ovation for making it this far in such a massive project, and doing a fantastic job too!

I do hope that, if you decide to leave this project, you will release your work up to now; I would love to see this project (and the thousands of hours you have poured into it) be finished. I know there has to be others on the interweb that would work on this; heck, this might give me reason to learn Java (C++ being my mother tongue).

Anyway, I wish you the best! *salutes*

MEVM said...

I'll b honest with you
as the same of the other guys who are following this program imma huge fan of TLOZLA and when I heard about this proyect i didnt stop visiting your blog and I was so hopefull to play the game when the release time came
but now listening to the sad news it just breaks me down alot
in the other hand you do deserve a big break for yourself cuz it obviously shows the great job,I really really hope to hear news again about this project finally finished
take abreak dude the world wont end..or will it?

Noah said...

Good luck with your future endeavors! I'm signed up with my rss feeds, so no matter how long it takes you, I'll be notified when you return!

Thanks for all the hard works.


Owen said...

What you have done thus far is nothing short of amazing; I confess I have been thinking that you are long past due some time off from this project.

Rest. You have earned it.

Jona said...

I watched Kokolinth Growing for now about 1 Year and i Loved it... Thanks for this

LINK10111 said...

LA was the very first Zelda that Ihad ever played and probably my favorite, and when I found your blog I was extremely excited to see your work finished.
I am amazed at how much you have done in 3D izing the game, and I agree with everyone else: you deserve a break. I look forward to your return.

Enjoy yourself

Anonymous said...

Good for you. At least you're not like that Jerrel faggot who blamed his lack of interest on his 20 some fans.

We can wait. Don't worry about us. Just don't forget about us either.

SirPrize said...

You are a god among men. Gunpei Yokoi would be proud.