Sunday, June 6, 2010


I want to thank every one for your kind support, with out it I doubt I would have gotten as far as I did, seriously, thank you all.

Right now I plan on finishing up the 8th dungeon in one mega post, followed by a short update with the egg, and download for all the model files, and a small thank you gift for every one who has been following this little adventure.

After that I'm going to take a break for a month or so. Fix up some issues with my social life, get some sorely needed exercise in, and do a lot of planning. Got a game idea that I think I can actually pull off, so I'll be saving up some funds so I can hire people to help me out with that, I might put up a donation button to help fund the thing but I would rather pay out of my own pocket ; ).

See you guys in a bit.


bebbodvx said...

Good luck with your future game maker career

Vicky said...

Again, good luck with stuff, and see you :V

Anonymous said...

So it's done? Wow, I thought we still had months more of modeling ahead of us.

Well, I hope someone can make the engine. I'm unfortunately programming illiterate, so it'll have to be somebody else.

Zerk said...

So, once the dungeons are complete, you'll put up the models for download and from there someone else can complete the game?

MithosKuu said...

Yes, I'm going to finish up the dungeons then release all the models.

Roland said...

Hey you're one cool dude, and this was a fantastic project you were working on, I loved being able to participate in some sorta contest, it was the only one I ever did. I look forward to seeing this thing in action whoever finishes it, as well as your future projects, thank you for being MithosKool.

Katie said...

Woo! I'm so excited!! I've been following this for ages now, can't wait to see everything finished! I'm going to a game design school, maybe I'll find some programmers there willing to help? I'll try, anyway!

Chris said...

This was one of the few games I ever really enjoyed playing on the game boy. To see what you've done with it so far has been incredible and really inspiring. You've got awesome ambition and I wish you the best in whatever project you work on next.

Thanks for having people along for the ride on this one.

Pat said...

hi there!
i actually discovered your blog and project today, and i must say that this is a great idea... in fact, i've been hoping since i played oot for someone good enough to do a 3d link's awakening! and looking at it as it is right now, i have to reckon the massive work and the cool rendering of it :)
So as a fan of LA, i thank you ^^
good luck in keeping up the good work ;)

P.S. i apologize for any mistake, i'm french :P

Anonymous said...

I've been following since Key Cavern or something. Good luck Mithosk! can't wait for the avatars/sprites. Whatever you wanna call those little guys that move.

To sum it all up, < a > < b > < i > I'm really excited!!