Friday, July 12, 2013

LA3DX Ver 1.2

Alright, the Web version is fixed, I'll be updating the download versions as soon as they finish compiling.

Seems like the build got messed up, I'll fix it up and post a fixed version soon

New update for the Web Player, PC, OSX, and Linux builds
-Added in Shop music to all relevant areas
-Fixed some warps in the Animal Village so they connect to the right houses, they used to connect to the Ghost House
-Added placeholder Link model, still needs animations
-Added placeholder sword function to the F key
-Started work on a Health Bar
-Added Bushes and Tall Grass to Mabe Village

Please let me know if this build runs noticeably slower for you compared to the last build, I don't know how much of a hit on performance the bushes and tall grass will have so I'll be rolling them out area by area. They might not effect anything at all but might PC is fairly powerful so I can't use my framerate as a judge.

The source fills have not been updated to reflect the new builds yet, I'll throw them up either tonight or tomorrow.

Let me know if you have any issues and as always, have fun!

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