Tuesday, July 9, 2013

LA3DX Ver1.1

I've updated the unity player with a few bug fixes:
-Inside the Houses music track now plays correctly
-Added warp to the Wind Fish's Egg dungeon
-Altered texture import settings to make textures appear sharper and repeat correctly resulting in a noticeable jump in visual quality
-Thanks to Devin I was able to add in all the missing textures such as the Catfish and the Statues

I have also included Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux downloadable versions for those that don't want to wait for the webplayer to load, just keep in mind I've only got a Windows PC, so I cannot test the Mac or Linux versions and so cannot guarantee they even work, my apologies if they don't.

I have updated the Unity asset package to include all the updates, as well as all the character and scenery models that were missing (thanks again to Devin) however I'm noticing a few areas still missing, most notably the interior of Richard's Villa and the cave connected to it, did I just forget to model those areas in the first place?

In addition to the above I'm going to post all the raw files here, (or here if you want a .zip version) for those that want to mess around with the files but don't have or want Unity, just please keep in mind that a lot of those models were made when I was still new to 3D modeling and quite possibly suck (I still shudder at that original Link model....) I dare not open them to see what horrors may lurk within.

I still need to go back and fix up the dungeons and caves, some of their corners had their faces completely messed up and I don't know why, only other big issue I'm aware of is the overworld theme starts over at specific areas instead of constantly looping. That is caused by using trigger zones to control the music and having to use multiple trigger zones to cover all the areas that the overworld theme plays in, I guess a better solution would be to have the overworld theme play by default and have the other areas turn it off as needed,  but coding isn't my strong suit so this one might take a while to fix.

I've got a lot of other projects I'm working on so LA3D isn't my main focus, but I figure I can slowly add features to it in my off time so that eventually, way down the line its a fully playable game, but it will come in small updates like this one. Of course I encourage anyone interested to download the files and take your own crack at it,

As always, have fun guys!


Cristiano said...

great job you did there... where are you from buddy?
Is there a way to get LA3D offline? Because the loading times are sooo long

Jordan Mullen said...

I'll throw downloadable versions onto www.mithosk-games.com/LA3DX check back in about an hour

Cris said...

I'd like also to help you at least for a "beta testing", if you like. For example some songs are missing and they have been replaced with the classic house song (the witch's house, richard's house etc etc)... and it would be great if you can add game characters in the next release, and maybe create a link's 3d model too! BTW great job! I really loved this game, thank you

Jordan Mullen said...

I pretty much post new builds as I make them so you can consider it an open beta, that being said a list of missing/incorrect music are places that don't link up like they should would be helpful, I'm adding in the shop song to the Witches hut and a few other places right now.

I've got a few characters modeled from years ago, Link included, the biggest hurdle with that is creating animations and scripting NPC/Enemy pathing so they move around at least, but it is something I will look into.