Monday, September 15, 2008

3d Links Awakening Character Update 1

Thought I would break the mold abit and do some characters, so who gets the honnor of being first? Obviously only one character is awesome enough for this title, and that is...


Yes, the Cucco! The most bad ass chicken ever! I wouldn't mess with him, he may seem small and weak, but piss him off and he'll call in about fifty of his friends to PECK YOUR EYES OUT!

I've decided to do the beach next, so I can get the actual sea level for the ocean


Anonymous said...

that is amazing, keep up the good work

ZeroZana said...

this is amazing lol

if you could get a hold of the bullet philharmonic orchestra, the soundtrack would be epic. They made a awesome cover for the face shrine level. I remember seeing their stuff on youtube.