Saturday, September 20, 2008

3d Links Awakening Item Update 1

Alright, update time! First up, the Worn Sword!

The first sword you find in the game. Washed up on the beach, this sword's blade is worn and dull, but it serves our hero well on his quest! Atleast, until he finds a better one....

Speaking of our hero, I decided I really hated the model shown in the previous updates, so here he is, made from scratch!

Can you tell what game each Link is from?

I will definitely be going back to add more detail to the hair texture, and probably the tunic as well, comments and crits if you please, specifically on the textures, I would rather not do much work to the Link model (I've been modeling him for four days now, I wanna move on ><) but feel free to blast the hell out of the sword model.

Just one more update before I get back to making the maps


Anonymous said...

Looks a lot better!

I'm looking forward to your next map update :)

J_Hibiki said...

Wow, you're doing a lot of work on link ^_^ I like how this one looks a lot better, and the sword is looking good too.

J_Hibiki said...

By the way I really like item updates, I mean they are a huge part of the game after all.

Alyx said...

Very nice improvement :]

Anonymous said...

I love this - this is awesome - you could try just making him out of 8-bit blocks maybe - shit! I don't know - wake the wind fish - you're great! - keep it up.