Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Place Holder Explanations

Because people have been asking, I wanted to remind you that the Demo is more of a Proof of Concept, i.e. showing that we can get stuff in game. As such the following is all place holder:

-Winged Sword: Will be replaced with Link once We (Ryan) Figure out how to get bones working in the current engine.

-Non-Animated Water and Grass: The animations are on the list on things to be created (but we have much more important things to work on/fix at the moment)

-Choppy Collision/No Diagonal movement: The Choppy collision is caused by the fact that the Winged Sword has a very long and narrow collision box, having diagonal movement would have made it much easier to get stuck. Both of these will be fixed once Link is put in game.

-Game not saving my High Score: This was actually something I forgot to put into the README file. Right now the game is not set up to save any data, when the timer runs out it checks to see what your current score is and displays it at the bottom of the High Scores list, even if you got over 10,000 points you would still be placed at the bottom.

Yes this demo was horribly buggy but it served its two purposes: 1. Let us know how well people on a variety of computers can play it, and 2. Show you what we have been working on behind the scenes. There will be another Demo released probably around the time the Over World is complete, maybe sooner. It will again be a frame rate test, but it should also include some enemies, and generally be more replayable then Chicken Hunter.

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excellent! :D