Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3d Links Awakening Major update 9

Yes, another Major update, this one twice as major as the last two! Yay!

Quadrant E5, I forgot to render it until after I attached it to the rest of the prairie, oh well, lots of pot holes surrounding the location of a piece of heart.

The entirety of the Koholint Prairie, which is covered in trees and 1/4th of it is a big ditch. Who names these places?!

Something else you should know: Quadrant E5 makes for our 128th completed quadrant! Whats that you say? Why should we care that you hit 128 quadrants? Simple! There are exactly 256 quadrants on the overworld, and what is half of 256? 128! Yes, as of this update Koholint Island is exactly 50% complete! You should totally start making bets as to how many more weeks/months it will take to finish it, or something.

Ah, isn't half an island just beautiful?

Part 2 of the level creation series:


Shoesy said...

OHHHHHHH YES!!! A vid and many more Pics....love it!

An congratulation für the 50% island finished.

Anonymous said...

Really loving the map so far, it's really taking shape. Hoping there will be another beta on or before the overworld's completed so there's something juicy to get our teeth into ;)

Xac said...

hey that looks like eclipse

MithosKuu said...

@Anon, there will be another beta, but probably not until the overworld is complete, it will be for testing performance on multiple computers (again) and enemy combat, it should be much more meaty then the chicken hunter demo.

@Xac, your right, me and Ryan are using Eclipse to keep each other up to date file-wise (When I say using chicken hunter to add to the collision map, I am referring to the program I run inside Eclipse, not Eclipse itself)

Ark said...

Well done, great job. , I am surprised, for the great task that you doing alone.

I would like to comment a lot of things about your project, but the language don´t help me. I´m from spain.

Zelda; Link´s awakening; Is a big jewel, one of the best action r.p.g developed never and without doub the best of game boy.You update the classic but not altering her base.

Nothing more; well done.

MithosKuu said...

@Ark, I am using Google to translate this, so I hope it comes out okay.

Thank you for your kind words,I agree that Link;s Awakening is one of the best game boy games made, once the game is complete I hope to provide versions in all major languages, so everyone can enjoy!

If this comes out unreadable I will be very embarrassed

@ Ark, estoy utilizando Google para traducir esto, así que espero que salga bien.

Gracias por sus amables palabras, estoy de acuerdo en que Link's Awakening es uno de los mejores juegos de game boy hecho, una vez que el juego es completo espero proporcionar versiones en todos los idiomas principales, para que todos puedan disfrutar!

Si esto sale ilegible seré muy avergonzado

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that you added the bushes in the town (south of the village store). When will you apply it to the rest of the world? The pothole maze looks kind of goofy sans the bushes. Never the less, great work as usual. Always a pleasure to see your work.

MithosKuu said...


Long answer: Right now the editor is set up to only add to the collision map, Ryan had been switching what it edited (collision, tall grass, bushes, etc) manually via code, right now he is working on making it so you can switch what you are editing in game, once that is done I will populate the rest of the world.

Short answer: Soon :)

Xac said...

wow thats sorta funny i use eclipse in my java class and at home sometimes when i feel like programming

first place ive seen eclipse used outside of a classroom environment

SirCaptainKing said...

Ah good work man. This is a great thing your doing, but I advise staying on the downlow, in order to avoid a C&D. Say it's just a render for a school project or something, until it's done.