Thursday, February 19, 2009

3d Links Awakening Major update 11

Ah yes, this should be the last of the minor major updates, it's all large areas from here folks

Quadrant G5, the last of the woefully uninteresting and ultimately unimportant Tabahl Wasteland

Seriously! Look at this place! When they said wasteland, they weren't kidding, there is absolutely NOTHING here, its just filler! GAH! Maybe I'll make a brand new dungeon and put its entrance here, just so the wasteland isn't a total waste(heh) of space.

What a big island we have for our selves now, I am going to have to start sacrificing the quality of the island renders soon, just so I can actually upload them.

Are you tired of these tiny areas yet? I am, so next up is the second largest are in the game, Tal Tal Heights! Just how big of an area is it you ask? You see the eastern edge of the swamp up there? Basicly from there to the far eastern edge of the island, past the edge of the bay. Its big.

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