Sunday, February 15, 2009

3d Links Awakening Major update 7

ANOTHER Major update? Less then 24 hours since the last one?!? Eh, sorta.
This area (and the next few) really arn't that big, so the next few Major updates are really sorta minor.


Quadrant G13, this is the quadrant where you will find the Slime Key, which opens the path to the third dungeon (located in the Ukuku Prairie)

Since this area was so small, I included the surrounding areas in the render.
Do you prefer the area renders like this? Or with just the relevant area? Top down or angled?

And the overhead shot of the Island. Again, do you prefer top down or angled for the Island shot?

I will be finishing up the island in the following order:

sign post maze 4 quadrants
koholint prairie 8 quadrants
cemetary 4 quadrants
tabahl wasteland 4 quadrants
tal tal heights 22 quadrants
kanalet castle 16 quadrants
animal village 8 quadrants
yarna desert 8 quadrants
face shrines 16 quadrants
rapids ride 16 quadrants
eastern Mountains 18 quadrants
western Mountains 12 quadrants
mt tamaranch 2 quadrants

After that I will start working on the dungeons in order, along with interiors from the overworld thrown in at random intervals.

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Shoesy said...


I prefer the angled view. Im interested how the island looks from the backside ^-^

Can´t wait to see the rapids ride ;)