Saturday, February 14, 2009

3d Links Awakening Major update 6

Whats that? Two major updates in one month? Hell yes.

In fact, this Major update includes SEVEN (7!!!) new quadrants! Quite the V-Day update, no?

First off is quadrant L14, you may notice that the telephone booth model has changed slightly, you can now actually SEE the entrance. This change is reflected on all previous telephone booths as well.

Next up is quadrant L15, not much here.

Quadrant L13 is next, and serves as the entrance to the Animal Village (aka Furry Town)

Here we have quadrant K14, an Owl Statue will go here.

Quadrant K13 has got to be the emptiest, fastest quadrant I have ever built. It is my favorite.

Quadrant J13, again, not much here, built very quickly.

Quadrant J14 holds the entrance to the Catfish's Maw. I am happy with the Catfish model, but I will probably continue to tweak the texture a bit.

The traditional overhead shot of the completed area, weighing in at 2000x1500 resolution, and for the first time, full bright on all the textures, so no pesky shadows making things hard to see.

And now, the equally traditional, shot of the entire island so far, 4000x3000 in size and also featuring full bright, I imagine this will make quite the wallpaper once the island is finished.

The next area(s) I will be working on are some small 4x4 ones that haven't been too important yet, mostly filling in that large gap above the beach in the island shot.


Anonymous said...

wow, you're almost there! keep it up

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