Sunday, February 15, 2009

3d Links Awakening Character update 13b

So yeah, Link version 4 sucked, so instead I went back and fixed the thing about Link version 3 that I hated the most; his hair.

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Now instead of Afro-Link, we have Link-Who's-Hair-Actually-Looks-Like-The-Nintendo-Version, or Link version 3.5 for short.

The only major change I see my self doing to him right now is scaling him down a bit if he appears too big in game, which we should find out soon since me and Ryan are tinkering with a workaround to the bone probelm.


Anonymous said...

I like this version.

Anonymous said...

This Link's really good, nice work. Could maybe use some cell shading on the hat to accentuate its shape a bit, because at least without lighting it looks a bit blobbish without being able to see any creases or anything.
But still, good work!

Anonymous said...

you will probably run into lots of different opinions since some people like toon link and some people dont. id say go with what YOU like.

i like this guy too, but he doesnt feel like the link from wind waker at all