Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3d Links Awakening Major update 18

Quadrant O1 is complete, and so is the Eastern Tal Tal Mountain Range.

Rather then make the entire tower spin around, using the Eagle Key will instead create a bridge leading into the tower.

The entire Eastern Tal Tal Mountain Range, I removed the top and bottom parts of the image (wasn't anything there) to try and cut down on file size, click the image for full view.

Koholint Island as it stands now, again, click on the image for full view.

Next area is the Western Tal Tal Mountain Range.

Turns out the Koholint Island picture is too big (file size) so blogger is automaticly resizing the full view picture, anyone know where I can host a 10+MB picture?


Heikki said...

Truly amazing job. I'm speechless to see how well you made the transition to 3D. How much work you've done on engine and characters btw?

MithosKuu said...

I failed beginners C++, I can't code for squat, Ryan is doing all the coding, so you would have to ask him about engine progress.

As for characters, only Link and a few enemies are complete, right now I am focusing all my effort on the island, once it is done I will take a little break to work out what models will be needed for the beta, and get to work on them.

Shoesy said...

Good Job! I watch your progress since the beach. And it is wonderful. Thank you for your work!

Anonymous said...

"Next step: make a modified version of Link’s Awakening that can be played from a behind-the-shoulder perspective. (We’ll have to keep the top-down view as an option, in order to be able to solve some of the puzzles.)"