Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Games Game Games!

Working on Ms MeowMeow's house right now, but since some people were asking what game systems I had, I thought I might as well post this.

Yes, that is a cdi in the middle there.


KingElemento said...

Is that a CD-i I see?
Otherwise, why do you have two Gamecubes? Shouldn't one be enough, considering with a Wii, it's only real purpose is the Gameboy Player.

Another question, what is that handheld (the one on the right) on the Xbox 360? I recognise most systems, but that one doesn't ring any bells.

Shoesy said...

My Collection is a littlebit smaller:
PSP (Fat & Slim), Vectrex, XBox 360, PSX and NES. And in some time a open-pandora handheld ;)

MithosKuu said...

Yes, that is a CD-I (I've got Link: The faces of Evil around here somewhere, but it freezes before it gets to the title screen)

The Purple Gamecube is a release model and over time the lens got scratched so it couldn't read disks very well, so I went out and bought a Limited Edition Platinum Gamecube that came with the Metroid Prime 2 demo disk.

The black hand held on the 360 is a GP2X, basically a hand held designed for home brew development and emulators.

I also have a black Dreamcast that I forgot to include in the picture.

MithosKuu said...


The Pandora looks really great, it was made by some of the people responsible for my GP2X, I may have to get my self one.