Monday, March 23, 2009

Public Tech Demo

Me and Ryan are now working towards two public tech demos, one will feature 3d model Link, the other will feature 2d sprite Link. The tech demos will consist of two rooms, the first has lots of different textures on the floor, so you can see how well Link shows up against various textures. The second room will have Rolling Bones constantly pushing his spiked roller back and forth, this will let you try out combat with both Links (not sure if you or Rolling Bones will be able to die in the demo).

One of the biggest lessons we learned with the last demo is that it could only run on Windows Machines, so to fix that the tech demos will open in an offline internet browser, rather then from a .bin file, this should allow it to be played on any OS.

Since the poll has basically been a constant 50/50, these tech demos should really help decide which art style to use once and for all.


Shoesy said...

OH YEAH! Can´t wait for it.

J_Hibiki said...

well I'm really looking forward to this...but you know the sprite can't do diagonals that's be a problem won't it?

MithosKuu said...

In the gameboy game it just used whatever sprite you were using first. If you were moving up and then went up and left, then it would just use the moving up sprite. If you hit the two directions at the same time it would default to the up or down sprite. So unless I make new sprites for diagonal movement, then we will just go with the gameboy style.

Heikki said...

Usually it looks better to use just 4 regular sprites to diagonals. That's what many retro-games do, for example Chrono Trigger.