Monday, March 9, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 158

Quadrant N13 is complete

It seems like most of the Animal Village is made up of people you trade with.

Haven't decided if I will use the original Japanese content, or the altered international content.

(For those wondering what said content is, look at the Japanese/English Differences at the bottom of the page located at )


Cyberlink said...

I say go for the original content for both the hippo and the mermaid. It makes more sense given the context, and it's a LOT more amusing.

Fizz said...

Agreed, I always wish Nintendo wouldn't censor some of these little tidbits... I mean it's understandable, but still, Japan seems to get all the better jokes. XD

So yeah, go with the original stuff. The ONLY problem you might come across is changing the text the Mermaid says... But that shouldn't be too hard to translate.

MithosKuu said...

Its been a while, but I think the game just shows a picture of the item, rather then actually say it, so the Mermaid would say the same thing in all languages, but display a different picture in Japan.