Monday, March 9, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 156 & 157

Quadrants M14 and N14 are complete

M14 is the main field of the Animal Village, Marin can be found singing here late in the game.

This quadrant contains the Chef's Hut, and that's about it.

Possible solution for arrow physics, I'm thinking the way I'll handle this is, if you press the button you have your bow assigned to, it will fire an arrow straight until it hits something or flies off screen, and if you hold the bow button down then Link will fire the bow upwards and you control where it comes down.

I also think I have a solution for getting the Eagle's Tower to actually look good in the overworld, more on that later.


Shoesy said...

I have a question about the compatibility. If the game is finshed...would it be run on a "open pandora" handheld system? I buy one and that would be amazing, if LA can be played with it.

MithosKuu said...

I don't know the full specs of a Pandora Handheld, but if it doesn't work on it's own, it shouldn't be too hard to mess with the model and code to get it to work.