Sunday, April 5, 2009

3d Links Awakening Dungeon update 11

Level 1 - Tail Cave quadrant D4 is complete

There were supposed to be some big block things in this quadrant and the last, but since I can't tell which ones the player can move and which ones the player can't from my screenshot maps, I'm going to have them all be scenery.

According to Ryan, the main source of that lag we are encountering is not due to the high poly count of the overworld (since the computer ignores polys you can't see) but is from the collision map, right now the game is checking for collisions all over the island, instead of just the area visible to the player.

I am going to continue trimming down the overworld, but I'm going to shift focus more towards making the interiors again.

I've got some other really cool stuff to show you guys, but that will have to wait til later.

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