Sunday, April 19, 2009

3d Links Awakening Dungeon update 31

Level 1 - Tail Cave quadrant side scroller 4 is complete

Yay for... corpses hanging from... chains... the hell kind of kids game is this?!

I will replace those corpse textures with actual models once I'm not feeling lazy.

This marks the last (I mean it this time) area in the Tail Cave, up next is a house interior, two caves, and then the Bottle Grotto.


Eddie Jay said...

You know, I always used to wonder what those plants were. They don't appear anywhere else in the game, along with those corpses...

Also raises the question, how do you plan to do the Angler Fish battle? I know it's a while off, but I think it would be tough to do in 3D. 2.5D would work well for it...

MithosKuu said...

No idea what those plants are either, I just call them weeds in their texture file.

While we have yet to figure out how we are going to handle the side scrolling areas in the code, they should play exactly like they do in the original game.

bebbodvx said...

tail cave is complete