Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've already answered this before, but since that post is now lost in the great abyss that is the archives, I'm answering it again (and adding an FAQ to the bottom of the page)

Are you planning to do the Oracle games sometime after Awakening?

Short answer, No.
Long answer, I would love to but there are just too many problems involved with making them that I don't want to attempt to solve.

1. The Overworld(s)
One of the biggest problems is the Overworlds. There are seven (7) of them! Labrynna Present, Labrynna Past, Holodrum Spring, Holodrum Summer, Holodrum Fall, Holodrum Winter, and Subrosia. Look how long it took me to make one overworld, then multiply that by 7! And then theres the fact that I would have to cut up each area of Holodrum just so I can have peices of each season visible at the same time.

Possible Sollution: I would need a much bigger team of modelers and programmers.

2. The Linked game.
I have no idea how the password system works.

Possible Sollution: Find out how the password system works.

3. The Caves.
While working on Link's Awakening, I have the benefit of being able to use this super awesome map which includeds all the dungeons and caves, I just click on an entrance on the overworld and it takes me to the interior. I don't have that with OoA/S, I have maps of the overworlds and the dungeons, but nothing on the caves.

Possible Sollution: Find a way to rip all the caves and interiors from both games.

There are other problems, but these are the three biggest ones, if I could solve them then I might consider making the Oracle games, so it could happen, its just not likely.

But thats not to say some parts from the Oracle games won't be popping up in LA...

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