Monday, April 27, 2009

3d Links Awakening Dungeon update 39 & 40

Level 2 - Bottle Grotto quadrant D7 is complete

Level 2 - Bottle Grotto quadrant E7 is complete

By default all red switch blocks are in the raised position and all blue switch blocks are in the lowered position. (Are you tired of me talking about switch blocks yet?)


Eddie Jay said...

Just a tiny little bit =D

Keep on mappin'

Shoesy said...

NOW i know what you mean =)

The Blocks are not finished and the colors are the placeholders for UP and DOWN.

bebbodvx said...

i don't think are placeholders

MithosKuu said...

What you see in the pictures above are the lowered form of the blocks, since the raised blocks would actually block off areas of the map they will be considered scenery.