Sunday, April 5, 2009

shader testing

Please note, NONE of this is in game.

I have been messing around with lighting, specular maps, and bump maps lately, seeing how things look.

For instance, here the ground has a bump map (makes a 2d texture look like it has depth) and a specular map (makes parts of it shiny! Yay shinys!) applied to it, which makes it pop out a bit.

This shot (click for full size) shows the above ground texture combined with very (very) rough lighting set up, rest assured I would not have such harsh lighting in the actual game, but I would love to have some neat lighting effects, especially around torches.

Incidentally, if you are familiar with Java programming and wanted to help out, knowing how to implement shaders would be a great skill with which to get you on board... wink wink... please?


Anonymous said...

oh good, you're going to shade it. it looks a lot better shaded, it makes it almost like you redid the textures without actually redoing them.

looks awesome!

Xac said...

Hmm, I'm learning Java inschool but we're still doing what seems like very basic stuff.
If I get to that level I'l let ya know and would be happy to help.

Also had an idea. What if you had a remixed album for the game. IE stuff similar to the albums on OCR and things like that.


Vicky said...

Oh wow, that looks seriously awesome. Would be cool if there was, er, dynamic lighting/shading or whatever it's called, like, when a bomb explodes, it lights up the room and stuff.

And yeh, this is probably wishful thinking, but getting somebody to do voice acting for Marin's singing in this game would simply be.. awesome beyond words.

MithosKuu said...

@Anon yeah, specular and bump maps make a world of difference, I'm trying to find a way to give some of the textures a moist/wet look to them, would be great for the two water levels.

@Xac right now the plan is to commission ZREO to do the remix of the sound track after the next beta, they already have a few Link's Awakening tracks on their site.

@Vicky you were right the first time, dynamic lighting would be awesome, but I don't know programming so it's up to the coders to figure out if its feasible or not(and I could put it to great use in a bonus dungeon I'm planning) and I might know someone who could sing for Marin.

Anonymous said...

The head dude at Zreo is supposedly having financial issues, and a few days ago he uploaded the first song made in a month, so I don't think they'll be able to do that for you (If you plan on being done within the next half year or so, I'm guessing).

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm really liking this. Even if the effects may be a bit OTT it really gives the dungeon that dark, moody look and really adds depth. I like it :O

Eddie Jay said...

I actually think the second picture looks really cool. If it were just a touch lighter, that'd be a really cool effect. What would be awesome would be to have the light glistening of Link's sword =D

MithosKuu said...

Getting light glistening of the sword is just a matter of giving the sword a specular map, I haven't figured it out yet, but there should be a way to make textures reflective as well.

KingElemento said...

Having reflecting textures would be great, especially considering that the L2 Shield is the Mirror Shield. =D

Eddie Jay said...

That'd be schweet =)
Totally love your work by the way. Really liked the explaination of specular/bump map by the way. Good job =)