Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So it seems someone else is working on a 3D remake of Link's Awakening, 'cept its in the style of OoT or Wind Waker. You can check it out here http://balladofthewindfish.blogspot.com/
My opinion on the matter? I think its great and I can't wait to play the finished game, however, I can't recognize any areas that he has made, I don't think it invokes any sense of nostalgia at all. I don't want any one to think there is any competition between us, in my mind his project is a re-imaging, while mine is an enhanced remake, that both just happen to be based on the same great game.

Good luck Jerrel!

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Jerrel Dulay said...

Howdy do! It's Jerrel from the other 3D remake. I'm honored that you've commented on my project and wished me luck. It's ironic that I was just about to comment on your project and wish you luck as well, hahahaha! Go figure! I agree with you that my project is more of a re-imagining, taking the old concept and building something new out of it.

I've caught glimpses of your project on and off for the past few years or so, and always thought you were doing an extremely cool thing and a great job! Best wishes to you mate, and best of luck with everything! Thank you for the honorable mention. I look forward to seeing your progress flourish!