Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3d Links Awakening Dungeon update 13

Level 1 - Tail Cave quadrant B4 is complete

While I have been making several posts lately, I know that I am making fewer actual quadrant updates. I am sorry about this, I am trying to get used to my new diet and exercise routine (wouldn't you know, after working a year at McDonalds and two as a Game tester, I've put on a little weight) quadrant updates should speed up again shortly.

Also I was asked by one of my close friends to be the reverend (long story, short version is I am a priest of a generic religion set up to allow people of different faiths to be easily wed) for him and his fiancee's wedding, so when ever they decide to do that, I won't be making updates that day.

(for those wondering, I've already lost around 7 lbs during my first week, yay me!)


bebbodvx said...

sorry to ask again, but will this particular quadrant be visible when you visit C4?

MithosKuu said...

Right now the plan (atleast for dungeons) is to have quadrants hidden (as in, not visible) until you first enter them, after that they will always be visible.