Monday, March 2, 2009

3d Links Awakening Major update 12

Quadrant P4 is complete!

I decided to redesign the raft shop, this way Ryan can script a door inside to only open when you pay for the raft ride, rather then code the raft to be inactive until you go inside, pay for the raft, then come back out. Yay for efficiency!

Here we have the overview of the very long (but not very tall, yay for wasted space...) Tal Tal Heights, now as usual, after showing a quadrant update, I usually go back to make a change or two to a few quadrants, like changing the stairs texture to a ladder down there in the center. See if you can spot all the changes!

Okay, you will imediatly notice two problems with this island render:
1: The three south eastern quadrants are bright white
2. The ocean shore doesnt completly line up with the beach in a few areas

Both of these are caused by the data loss we (I) had, the white texture looks normal in game, but it will take a good hour or two to fix for rendering, so I decided to just go ahead and use this render, and fix them up for the next major update, rather then delay this one. Plus I am very tired :P

Next up is Kanalet Castle

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