Sunday, March 1, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 126

Alright, finally a new quadrant, K4 is complete!

Something that has been concerning me as of late is the camera, right now there are three places where cliffs obstruct the view of Link (and any enemies hiding back there) for now I am just blocking those places off in the collision map, but I'm thinking about letting the player rotate the camera to a near top down view (or have the program do it automatically) if you enter such an area.

Also I talked to Ryan last night about having all the text in the game stored in a file separate from the programming, this way I can just run the file through Google translate (or better yet, find someone fluent) so I can quickly make version of the game in each major language for NTSC, NTSC-J, and PAL areas (and release them all at the same time :P)


Anonymous said...

Just as a heads up, Google translations are notoriously bad, at times they're barely even understandable. I mean it's OK as a base, but for a proper release it would probably be better to get a native/fluent speaker to translate for you.

MithosKuu said...

Yeah, I really would prefer to have people translate it, but I will be playing it case by case, based on if I can find people fluent in
English and Spanish
English and French
English and German
English and Italian
English and Japanese
English and Chinese
willing to translate.

Of course that list will change based on where my visitors come from (I get this nifty world map thing that shows the rough location of the service providers that people connect to my site from) if no one visits from China or Japan, then I won't bother looking for a translator for those languages.

Fizz said...

Couldn't you just use the text dumps from Nintendo's other-language-versions of the game? That way it would be the official translation, hahah.

MithosKuu said...

...I honestly didn't think of that, I just need to find a PAL rom and find a way to decompile it...

Shoesy said...

Oh yeah, a rotating camera! Thats amazing. I wonder who the island looks from the backside, that must be awesome.

Roms...can be found by google ;) I wish you luck!