Thursday, March 5, 2009

3d Links Awakening Quadrant update 149

Quadrant I6 is complete

I know its kinda early for this, but I've been thinking of doing a spin off once this game is complete, a separate game focusing on the Island years and years before Link ever sets foot on it (before anyone points out, I know that would pretty much impossible according to the actual game) where areas like the Tal Tal Heights and the Rapids Ride haven't been developed yet and the pot-hole maze is just marshland, with the Castle as the main area, I don't know, just an idea I'm toying around with in my head, I know I want to provide SOME additional content after the game is released.


N45800 said...

A spinoff sounds fun. I loved LADX, one of the first GameBoy games I played. I know you are not be looking for more work, but a "first-person exploration of island" type app would be nice.. >.>

Hmm, I was thinking about mentioning the Oracle games, but that would be too evil...

MithosKuu said...

If I were to do a first person exploration of the Island, I would probably need to remodel it so it doesn't lag to hell (which is something I really should do :P)

As for the Oracle games, there are at least three problems preventing me from making them:

1. Seasons map would not work with the current map system we've got going, I would need four copies of the overworld (just one copy of the LA overworld is taking me months to make) and I would have to load different parts of each overworld at the same time, I know this problem can be solved, but it would require a lot of work

2. Ages isn't fun, and by that I mean the mandatory dancing mini-game isn't fun, if I were to remake ages, then that dancing mini-game would either be gone, or not required. (seriously, I cannot beat ages without a gameshark because of the one mini-game)

3. I have absolutely no idea how I would implement the new game+ code system.

4. (Bonus) My plans for Helix are so bloated and foolishly unachievable (something I will have to post about, just so everyone can laugh at my lofty goals :P) that I would rather devote time to finding a way to make Helix work then make seven overworlds (the four seasons, subrosia, the past, and the present) and fix all the other problems with the oracle games.

5. (Bonus#2) I would like to be able to call a game my own, without worrying about Nintendo destroying me, which is why I will be making an original game either after LA if I can find a way to make Helix work, or after Helix if I can.

But don't let that wall of text fool you, I love the Oracle series (well, seasons anyway) and if someone wants to take a crack at making them with this engine I would be glad to let them once LA is complete.

Too long; didn't read version:
No way in Hell am I making them, someone else can.